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Summer in Cape Town

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thank y'all for a splendid eve in exceptional company - and deliciously merry holidays to us all before the big year ahead >>


Flickr Pool

I've got a group for us on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/85842759@N00/

Please join the group & upload yr photies as usual, and when you click on the pic see share with group & zip down to Geek Dinners (South Africa) .. click & share. hooray for you :-)



Geek Dinner Feedback


Here are some of the *hot* & happening things that were discussed at the Geek Dinner:

(thank you so much to whoever did this review! - mx)


Graham Knox spoke about:

  • Selling wines through blogs - www.stormhoek.com


Vinny Lingham spoke about:

  • incuBeta - www.incubeta.com
  • Zoho - www.zoho.com
  • Coghead - www.coghead.com
  • other cool things (can anyone else remember them?)


Henk Kleynhans ( www.yeahfi.com ) spoke about:


Tertia Albertyn spoke about:

  • Managing a massively successful blog - www.tertia.org


Simon de Haast spoke about:


Dominic Gruijters spoke about:

  • The necessity of us web developers waking up, smelling the roses, and realising that the vast majority of people don't have computers, never mind broadband access. What they do have is cellphones. Cellphones can be used as educational and business tools, however, very little of the processing & communications power of cellphones are actually being tapped into. (Dominic, do you have a post somewhere outlining your brilliant talk?)


Nikki Friedman spoke about:


I can't remember all of what was being said... If you were there and remember some details, please fill 'em in!









We're having another Stormhoek Geek Dinner in Cape Town.


The idea behind this one is that half of Joburg comes to Cape Town in December anyway so it'll be a great opportunity for us all to connect.



To do list:

1. Choose a date

2. Book a venue

3. Come up with a theme

4. Invite speakers and guests


1. Date:

Friday 22 December 2006

Time: anytime from 6ish if you want leisurely sundowners - but officially all the action starts at 7pm


okay.. for all who get the notifications (clever you!) our date is set: Friday 22nd .. Dave & Max will be posting tomorrow morning . So all you guys will have the heads.up 1st!


2. Suggested Venues:


We have found a delightful little spot in Hout Bay that would love to host us... Redemption Cafe

It's a great little sundowners spot so we can have some drinks and chat before we eat and talk.

__Directions__: It's easy to find:

Redemption is in Mainstream Centre (turn off Princess Street) which you'll find by heading all the way toward the ocean if you're taking the coastal route; or at the 2nd circle of Main Road (M6) if you've come through the forest or Constantia.

Turn into Mainstream and park on the left ..and there you are.. and there we'll be :-)

If lost buzz the restaurant on 021 790 0305 or 084.4999.890 pop in yr phone now if you require a GPS to navigate to the bathroom


For the spacially-orientated, the map >>


or go to google earth - there's a pushpin on the location (lat=-34.0423719149, lon=18.3568259627) & you can work back from there or pop it on yr GPS if you are thus endowed!


3. Theme:


What's HOT. Come share your discoveries of the hottest tech toys tools & tweaks of 2006



4. Speakers:


we have a lekker lineup of speakers who'll give us their highlights in podcasting, the impending mobile madness, marketing online and turning your blog into a serious business, taking back telecomms etc. Gonna be some goodies %-)


Now all we're missing is you >> Register now

(edit page, password = convers8 and add..)

Ahh yes: if you're willing to share rides please put your suburb and a mailto: link so you guys can do ride.sharing




Please add your name to the list if you're going to attend (so we can book the venue with confidence)




  1. Alan Cameron
  2. Althea Barry
  3. Andrew Smit http://www.comradesblog.com
  4. Ashley Shaw
  5. Carlos Menezes http://www.quirk.biz
  6. Ceri Sawyer
  7. Charlene Lingham http://www.incubeta.com
  8. Chris Rawlinson http://www.cape2point0.blogspot.com
  9. Christine Stander http://www.altersage.com
  10. Dave Duarte www.daveduarte.co.za
  11. Dominic Gruijters
  12. Giovanni Da Costa http://www.LiveWeb.co.za and http://sms.LiveWeb.co.za
  13. Graham Knox http://www.stormhoek.com
  14. Hanneke du Toit
  15. Henk Kleynhans www.yeahfi.com
  16. Imtiyaz Mohamed
  17. Joey da Silva http://www.formfunction.co.za
  18. Johann Botha http://www.swimgeek.com/
  19. Max Kaizen www.maxkaizen.com
  20. Miguel dos Santos http://www.rafiq.za.net/blog
  21. Nikki Friedman http://www.diaryofthree.blogspot.com/
  22. Paul Arzul http://miazmisexygirl.blogspot.com/
  23. Rafiq Phillips http://www.rafiq.za.net/blog
  24. Richard Parry http://toyshomejasmin.blogspot.com/
  25. Saleem Jaffer http://www.rafiq.za.net/blog
  26. Shane Wilson http://incompletemtb.blogspot.com
  27. Simon de Haast http://www.ideafarm.co.za/blog
  28. Tertia Albertyn http://www.tertia.org
  29. Vinny Lingham http://www.vinnylingham.com
  30. Werner de Bruin http://www.quirk.biz
  31. Gail Foster
  32. Naulene Evans
  33. Alan Levin http://mralan.blogspot.com


To add your name, click "edit". The password is: convers8

Comments (4)

Anonymous said

at 3:38 pm on Dec 15, 2006

nooooooooooooo!!!!!! i leave for pmb on the 22nd ;(

Anonymous said

at 12:16 pm on Dec 18, 2006

I leave for Durban on the 22nd :( Have fun guys! - pity about that.

Anonymous said

at 9:53 am on Dec 19, 2006

Seriously hope there is another geek dinner in the new year, the very new year!! have fun everyone!!

Anonymous said

at 4:52 pm on Jan 2, 2007

Sorry that I missed this! Would love to attend in the future

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