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    • Option 5 by Absolutwillie gardenroute at bcexpress dot co dot za




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Gerry Roozendaal votes for option 4

Jacques Mostert stem vir opsie 1, Dankie

Chris Terblanche stem net vir die beste "OPTION 1" sales at matto dot co dot za

Michelle Baptista stem vir opsie 1, dit rock, sales at homehunter dot co dot za

Stii stem vir opsie 1!

Tania hou van die pikkewyntjie, maar verkies 'n ander lettertipe en -kleur.

Stii likes option 5 too!

Darcelle Acar votes for numero uno. Here's why: i like number 1 it is simple and to the point. darcelle at dekam dot co dot za

max1millian stem met Jacques, Chris, Michelle, Stii en Darcelle saam... opsie 1 ;-) good job eactive team! max at maxkaizen dot co dot za

Alta Roozendaal prefers option 3

Charl van Niekerk votes for option #3

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