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This is the planning page for the upcoming Stormhoek Jozi Geek Dinner.


The password to edit is "convers8"


Stormhoek Jozi Geek Dinner - 5 October 2006

Venue for now: Primi Piatti (Rosebank)


Time: 7pm


In true Stormhoek Geek Dinner tradition we are planning on having an informal, unashamedly-geeky get-together (venue to be announced) in the city that never sleeps. Or is that the city that no-one sweeps? Regardless, we'll be pixellating the town red - be there and be square! Plus, if you behave, we're planning a few kick-ass digital surprises.


It'll be a good chance to meet and share ideas with the people you usually only encounter online. All are welcome, geek or not. But all Jozi SA geeks are encouraged to attend!


More info about the Stormhoek Geek Dinner concept here.


Feedback from the dinner

Please tag all posts/photos "JoziGeekDinner"

Roger Saner posts at MacGeek simply for bragging rights of first post.

Carl Spies adds Geeks get Fed Up in Rosebank as well as some pics on Flickr

Mike offers his 2c - GET THE SETH GODIN CLIP AND PRESENTATION AT MIKE'S BLOG www.mikestopforth.com

Peas porridge in the pot

Jaco thinks we're growing up

Thanx Mike for an awesome time - pics here

Bookmark the dinner to spread the word (and blog it if you haven't already!)


digg it!

muti it! (muti is an African version of digg - give it horns tjina's!)



Attending (please put your name in if you're going to attend)


Mike Stopforth mstopforth at gmail dot com (email me for more info)

Graham Knox

Carl Spies sygenos at gmail dot com

Andre Ellis mordrack at gmail dot com

Kevin Trethewey kevint at gmail dot com

Sifiso Motha javasifiso at studentvillage dot co dot za

Jaco Meiring meiringmeister at gmail dot com

Armand du Plessis armand at dotnet dot org dot za

Maximillian Kaizen max.kaizen at gmail dot com

Craig Nicholson craign at gmail dot com

Chris Dawson chrisd at wson dot coza

Legal Forms Online documents at legalzoome dot com

Aiden Choles aidencholes at gmail dot com

Kerry Somers kerry at somers dot coza

Craig Gibson craiggib at gmail dot com

Aragorn Eloff aragorn at meme dot coza

Scott Gray iarescott at gmail

Online Life Insurance term life at gmail dot com

Bretton Vine - taking some leave, but might pop in :-) (digg? reddit!)

Michele Sohn michele at confluence co za

Samantha Perry samantha dot perry at gmail dot com

Guy Taylor guy dot taylor at gmail dot com

Chris Spring chris dot spring at gmail dot com

Peter le Roux peterleroux at gmail dot com

Thea Burger thea at dotnet dot org dot za

Neil White me @ righteousjester dot see oh dot zed ay!

Mark Marais mark at quirk dot biz

Christof Appel appelc at bdfm dot coza

Clive Simpkins - http://clivesimpkins.blogs.com or www.imbizo.com (just gotta see why everyone else has spelled it out. I guess I might crash the site? :-)

Denise Rundle - celestninesixatmwebdotcoza

Lennard Gast - lennardatisland.co.za

Jacqui Uitzinger - jacqui dot uitzinger at apple dot co za

Linda de Klerk - linda dot deklerk at apple dot co za

Nico du Plessis - nico dot duplessis at apple dot co za

Laurian Clemence

Lauren Rota

Gabriele Maraschin - gabriele.maraschin at gmail.com

Andrew Glanville - andrew at fury dot org dot za

Wesleigh Lloyd - wesleigh at gmail dot com


Kathy Jenks

David Chislett

Simon Hudson simon at rsnhq dot com

Warren Bell - wibble at brainstorm dot org

Angelique Cushway - acushway at gmail dot com

Mark Heyns - markhe at absa co za - (thank's HUGELY for the evening all :-) Geeks Rock

Mike Scott - mike at bruandboegie co za

Roger Saner roger at macgeek.co.za (and I think Anton's email address below probably works...*sigh*)

Prieur du Plessis prieur at gmail dot com

Jacques de Villiers

George Ambler

Used Cubicles

Don don AT joblog DOT co DOT za +1

Rich...! rich AT joblog DOT co DOT za +1

Gazza gazzagp at gmail dot com

Dee Bramson-Brodie dee.bramsonbrodie at gmail dot com

Craig Johnson cj24 at mweb dot co dot za

James Lewis

Thando Dlamini

Catherine Silver cath at soulcircle dot co dot za

Marth-El Flewin - zabka at webmail co za

Michel Bega - michelb at citizen dot co dot za

Neale Forrest neale dot forrest at gmail dot com

Heinrich Venter hfventer AT gmail dot com

Wezz chumpstyle @ gmail.com

Jonathan Peel duzbin at gmail dot com

2mi the great see u there with 10 more friends

M@thew Green - m@t.co.za

vusa moyo at gmail dott comm

Justin Lawrence jay elle at eye are jay dot see oh dot zed ay

Ivan Jenkins ij at irj dot coza

Jacques Barker jacques at legendante dot co dot za

bigric bigric1 at gmail dot com +1

frances gordon


Would love to attend and has other responsibilities for the evening

Anton de Wet ascii at i dot play dot league dot bridge dot onthefirstthursdayofthemonth dot phun dot net

Stefan Lesicnik - but i'll hopefully be there after my engagement. Should be at about 20:30 - 21:00.

Read more about the recent Cape Town Geek Dinner


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can w8 for Thursday salva8ng already

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