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Geeks are interesting, energetic and passionate people, with much to talk about and very little chance (or inclination) to do it. Geekdinners are about your passion not your corporation - an opportunity to get together and share ideas.


"Geek Dinners are Open Source in nature" … Although we may occasionally get sponsorship for specific events, Geekdinners are not associated with any corporation


This is the planning wiki for these dinners.


Upcoming dinners:

  • Geekdinner - next one to be held in Cape Town on 28th May 2007



Dinners we've had:


Lessons Learnt from Geekdinners:

  • Miguel - Learn to be a good fantastically amazing speaker
  • Charl - Always bring enough business cards!
  • Add yours here

Dinners that may yet spring to life:

  • BladeRunner (Now also for Jo'burg, and possibly a charity project for animal wellfare - get involved!)

Ideas for other dinners:

  • Ramon Thomas here I'd like to arrange a monthly screening of TED/other Geek videos at Preview Theatre in Johannesburg so we can reach a broader audience with these amazing video presentations. Between myself and Rafiq we've downloaded all 60 videos from the TED Talks. Anyone interested in helping me with the organising please contact me via my blog.
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  • (From Tania) I arranged several Chess Parties in 2005-2006, and I think it's high time for another one. (It is not a requirement that everyone should be able to play chess well or even to play chess at all; novices and lurkers are always welcome.)
  • (From Jonathan) The first Cape Town dinner is on the same date as a CLUG talk http://wiki.clug.org.za/wiki/CLUG_Meetings after which the geeks of CLUG also meet for dinner. Perhaps it may be a good idea to combine both dinners into one, then some of the geeks who might be interested in finding out more about Linux and open source could come along to the ta lk as well?






















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Comments (4)

Anonymous said

at 11:04 am on Aug 14, 2006

hello - have you guys got any idea for a date yet?

Anonymous said

at 1:32 pm on Jan 26, 2007

Yes Kobus, but unfortunately we only have the blow-up variety available for you at this time.

Anonymous said

at 7:35 pm on Feb 24, 2007

Can we try organise a Geek dinner in Port Elizebeth? I'm going there to visit my family during April for 2-3 weeks. I'm sure there must be some geeks in PE! The friendly city ;-)

Anonymous said

at 8:34 am on Mar 1, 2007

when is the next geek dinner in Cape Town? I loved it : )

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