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Blade Runner is a sci-fi movie made in 1982. It is seen in movie history as a milestone in the Film Noir genre.


There are two versions of the movie; the one is the original release, which was given a narrator and a happy ending; the other version (referred to as the Director's Cut) has the "proper" ending based on the award-winning book, 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' by Philip K. Dick.


The reason why there were two versions is allegedly because when the movie was first screened before a closed audience (as a test to see whether it would do well on the general circuit), that group didn't like the ending. So the director stuck a nice ending on it, and added a private-eye type narrator to make the plot easier to understand. The movie did fine in that form, but people who had read the book didn't like the fact that the plot had been changed for commercial reasons, so many years later, the scenes cut out by the director were put back in, and the Director's Cut version was released too.


Different people have different preferences. I like the narrator in the original release, but I prefer the Director's Cut ending, because I find it more logical. We will need to vote on whether to screen the original version, or the Director's Cut, or both. - Tania


Or one of us could watch it a couple of times beforehand and narrate... ;-)


Basic details: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083658/

Fan site: http://bladezone.com/

I have heard it rumoured that this may count as a public event, in which case we would have to cough up some bucks to pay for rights to screen it. If this is indeed true (and I am not yet sure that it is), people will have to pay to come to the party. So if people have to pay anyway, how about adding a couple of bucks to the cost of attendance and turning it into a charity event in aid of Animal Welfare? - Tania


Vote ++ on Animal Wellfare Charity - Great idea i.t.o. the Dick novel! - André


    • Any idea how much we'd have to pay for a permit?
    • This question has been holding up the event. Why don't we simply ask the Labia to screen it, pay them the bucks, and book out that fishtank-of-a-restaurant for after the show? They make the best pizza in South Africa. - Tania
    • I'm talking to some potential sponsors, (this may also draw things out a bit but may make the charity aspect more significant) shall we do a double barrel thing and collaborate between JHB & CT (vote +1) or fork the events? - AndrĂ©

A date has not yet been confirmed for this event, but due to the interest which has been expressed, we're already starting to form a list of those who would like to attend. Here are the names we have so far; please add or modify your details if you're interested. You will not be informed of changes (unless you've signed up for notifications at this Wiki), so please keep watching the page for developments in the what-where-when-how.



@Cape Town:



(If the Jozi list doesn't start growing real fast I'm moving to CT:)

  • André SC
  • Deshanta Naidoo (deshanta at gmail dot com) - I vote the Director's Cut viewing
  • Shaan Lumley (shaan_l at filthysushi dot com)
  • Frank Bailey (frankebailey at gmail dot com) - Original Cut for the win yo
  • Victoire victoire dot za at gmail dot com
  • Enmarie (enmarie at gmail dot com) - Haven't seen the original one, so that would be interesting
  • Clive - read the book when I was about 14yrs (very early 70s - eina!) and was ecstatic when the movie came out. Enjoyed both versions but the director's cut is best. http://trig.com/citizenc
  • Carl Spies carl at carlspies dot com

*Sifiso Motha (sifiso at gmail dot com)

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